Collaborative Initiatives for Quality Improvement (CIQI) Program


Provide leadership to CHNC for prioritizing and completing CIQI projects important for children’s hospital NICUs.


All neonates in children’s hospital NICUs receive safe, high-quality care

Achieving the Vision

The CHNC Quality Improvement (CIQI)Program aims to establish the best possible neonatal care and outcomes using quality improvement science in Children’s Hospitals NICUs. The CHNC Global Aim is to improve the health of neonates.  CHNC CIQIs Smart Aim is to enable the completion of meaningful, collaborative QI projects in the CHNC-CIQI by achieving the targets set on measures.

Progress towards these aims are evaluated through:

Total sites participating in the collaborative

And the progress of sites towards their improvement aims, measured by collaborative progress reports.

The Quality Improvement Program strives to achieve this objective through:

A collaborative Structure

Improvement Competency at the Macro, Meso, and Micro Level

Effective Communication Model

Data system driven by the CHND with minimal additional data collection

Resource access for collaborative QI efforts

Identifying value added projects

Hardwiring sustained improvement

Dedicated Quality Improvement Leadership facilitates and supports children’s hospitals with these objectives and strategies by:

Selection and facilitation of CIQI projects.

Sponsoring a Collaborative Initiative Quality Improvement Fellowship

Providing Quality Improvement resources, tools, and dashboards.

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