April 2021

Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension During Hospitalization in Cohort of Infants with CDH

Journal of Perinatology

Lead Author:

Seabrook R

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Objective: Describe inpatient pulmonary hypertension (PH) treatment and factors associated with therapy at discharge in a multicenter cohort of infants with CDH. Methods: Six years linked records from Children's Hospitals Neonatal Database and Pediatric Health Information System were used to describe associations between prenatal/perinatal factors, clinical outcomes, echocardiographic findings and PH medications (PHM), during hospitalization and at discharge. Results: Of 1106 CDH infants from 23 centers, 62.8% of infants received PHM, and 11.6% of survivors were discharged on PHM. Survivors discharged on PHM more frequently had intrathoracic liver, small for gestational age, and low 5 min APGARs compared with those discharged without PHM (p < 0.0001). Nearly one-third of infants discharged without PHM had PH on last inpatient echo. Conclusions: PH medication use is common in CDH. Identification of infants at risk for persistent PH may impact ongoing management. Post-discharge follow-up of all CDH infants with echocardiographic evidence of PH is warranted.